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Monday, March 20, 2006

Freedom of speech regarding dealers and tuners on airgun message boards is a joke. Why is it universally accepted with online airgun message boards not to discuss experiences with a particular person or business? It's common knowledge that people will have good and bad experiences. Why not tolerate them, if in fact they are true? The yellow forum goes out of their way to state the oppression:

Straightshooters does the same thing. In fact I was banned for it on both the Straighshooters and Bull Durham sites! Russ Best knew he cut corners, and I called him on it. Reality caught up with him and pulling the wool over customer's eyes would only last so long. In the end, he had to get a job and fold up the tuning business. I suppose the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as he teamed up with another crook named Wayne at addictive airgunning. This low life had the nerve to automatically sign people up for another year of the online subscription, and not deliver the goods. On top of that, he posted the business for sale while not refunding subscribers money! I loved it when devote followers tried defending the poor sap by saying, "It was a new venture - consider your money a learning experience". I think there were hundreds of subscribers who got taken. I believe someone figured out the dollar amount. Just be aware these moderators are far from professionals when it comes to doing the right thing. At least they could look into a diplomatic review system like:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best part of Addictive Airgunning is that the writers were promised $$$ for the articles they wrote, but no money was ever paid. I wrote a few articles for Addictive and the check that was "in the mail" never came.

You'll notice that if you read Addictive through its entire run, it goes from many writers, to a few, to just Wayne at the end.

5:29 AM  

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