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Saturday, March 11, 2006

This recently acquired Theoben SLR 88 carbine was quite a surprise when I took it to the local range. What sold me on this gun is the the limited production run, vintage stock and trigger, and the unique carbine length. The "full length" version of the SLR is already compact, but this one has a couple more inches taken off the overall package. It orginally came with a simmons scope, but that was quickly replaced with a Leupold 3-9x33 EFR. The previous owner told me only 10 of these were ever made. I took his word since he was a former airgun dealer. With such a short barrel, I wasn't expecting stellar groups with this gun. Was I wrong. The previous owner also included five clips. They just so happened to have Crosman Premiers already loaded. I figured why not boresight with them. Unfortunately for me, I didn't bring CP's that day, as they grouped the best in this gun. These are five shot groups at 25 yards, using 9x magnification. I really was stunned at the performance, as none of my RA-800's have acheived such accuracy. I did try FTS's, but they didn't group as well. This is the first time CP's have been the first choice in any of my springers.


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