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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

If you want to really bewilder airgunners you pull this out of your ass:

target="_blank">Jerry rigging a Gamo


1. Easy to cock.
2. Cheap platform.
3. High velocity numbers.


1. Upgrade costs more than rifle.
2. Cheap fit and finish.
3. Have to basically rebuild gun.

I love how he uses the lightest pellets to show high chrony #'s. How are the groups at 50 yards? I'd be surprised if they hit a paper target the size of a square foot . You won't hear from this guy again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey so there was just a little bit of smoke 2 feet long coming out the muzzle. What is that, 'muzzle blast' stuff again? Oh right, that's smog air.


4:32 PM  

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