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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why do I continually talk about MAC1? Because Timmy Mac is a complete dork. Check out his latest free advertising campaign:

Now you know why Pyramid Air is better

I love the photo of the FT winner. It's from 2005. Don't mention the percentage of wins the USFT has won matches. That's not cool or good business.

Innovation? I bet FWB is following his lead too.

Please give this up. You're a mom and pop shop. The products reflect this. You're not fooling anybody but yourself. Pyramid ships more product than your two knock-offs in one week than you have in your entire life!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The death of mom and pop airgunner vendors is quickly approaching. These and other concerns are voiced directly from the airgunning prophet himself, Timmy mac.

Pyramid Air is putting a squeeze on my one-man operation Here is a quick overview in regards to economies of scale:

As you can see, building one or two USFT's per week isn't going to cut it these days (Right side of curve). However, I'd imagine tig welding off-the-shelf parts would provide great margins on such a product.
As for the LD pistol, you go to Wal-Mart and purchase a Crosman MKI, put on a barrel/trigger mod, and resell it. Obviously, there is not much profit since you are trying to re-sell a successful product.
Solution? Get into a new line of work or work for someone else. You can only jury rig existing products for so long. Work for Beeman or Crosman to get those health benefits. At Timmy Mac's age those benefits are probably costing him 1.5k/month - the true reason why he can't get ahead.