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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why wait for the .20 venom HW-97, when you can get the review now? As always, Jerry D.'s packages are the most antisipated ones to open, and this was no exception. Mike A. stock, and venomized parts throughout. Scope is elite 4-12x on BKL 260 (non-droop) mount. Initially the gun came with Beeman 5040 mounts with stainless steel screws, but that setup was crap. BTW, don't use SS screws for mounts. They will snap in half around 45 inch pounds! Anyway, Groups were shot with CP's (die #2) at 25 yards, five shot groups at 12x. How does it shoot? Well, it shoots like any other springer. No twang, and I don't have chrony #s. All I can say is it's a beauitiful gun in every respect. I just don't think it's worth the $$$ since it's a HW variant. You can get many of the features standard on a Theoben for a lot less money.