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Monday, October 15, 2007

BB Pelletier identity leaked! You saw it here first.
You must be thinking it is one of the elite in the airgun community. Is it:

1. Larry "dipshit" Durham
2. Timmy "Larry's bitch" McMurray
3. Tom Gaylord
4. Sonnysan
5. Steve in NC

Let's go through each candidate one at a time.

Dipshit Durham: Pyramid's blog doesn't reference MAC1 enough. On top of this, Larry requested his superiority in the business must be recognized in every other post. As you can see from pyramid's blog, all kinds of guns are referenced. Therefore, he's out of the contest.

TimmyMac: Due to an overinflated ego and short man's complex, McMurray suffers the same fate as Durham. Not enough frequent free marketing nor pedestal elevation. Ass kissing is the name of the game for these two.

Tom Gaylord: Has been know to be contracted to write columns for Shotgun News and cheaper than dirt. He has been in the business for many years. Books include The R-1 supermagnum and airgun publications.

Sonnysan: Is a culimation of the other three. Loves to stir the pot, well educated, and has been know to use alter egos to cloak his identity online.

Steve in NC: Although very technical, his leadership is questionable. Will this gearhead make the cut?

B.B. Pelletier is :

You guessed it, the one and only Sonnysan is the man behind the keyboard. Suck it, airgun community! Now I need to post on the pyramid blog and discredit this place. More information will follow in future posts.

Monday, October 08, 2007

What a beautiful .22 eliminator this is. Completely tricked out Mike Abernathy stock and extended brake by custombrakz. Scope is 4200 6.5-20x duplex. I had my first shooting session with it over the weekend. Problem is you can't test that many pellets without getting worn out quickly. My limit on cocking these guns is up 150 shots per session. Seems like it likes kodiaks, but I'll have to try others. Distance was 25 yards, five shot groups at 10x. This gun can do better than what is shown here.