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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Have you always wanted to pick your blank, then send it to a stockmaker? Well look no further, as I bought this gun used off of Brad's website some time ago. Just got around to mounting the scope and mount this weekend. The previous owner bought the blank from microfit:

Then microfit shipped the blank directly to Mike A:

Mike then shaped the stock after his latest R1 design.

Scope is a Burris 4-12 R/A with ballistic plex. BKL 260 with .007" droop mount, and a JM apex muzzlebrake. .20 JM tuned R1 with Morgan pad. Distance was 25 yards, five shot groups using Crosman Premiers. Tried FTS pellets, but they were all over the place.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

After many months I finally received the mounts to scope this FWB 601RT. The loading gate would not clear standard high and medium mounts. Anyway, atop this FWB are BKL mounts with a Beeman 68R scope. Distance was 25 yards, five shot groups, Nygord pellets at 11X. There were no fliers. You might see one or two in the picture. However, they were from one of the shooters on either side of me at the range. Looks like they were shooting a .22. Shooting a gun like this takes the fun out of standard sight-in targets. I put up a official 10M target at 25 yards next time to make it more interesting.