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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Every once in a while some moron posts a ridiculous request. Whether it's an ad or new thread on an airgun forum nothing ceases to amaze me. Either way you now know why tigers eat their young. For your pleasure, he's a for sale item on Brad's classifieds:

For Sale: An unopened box of the most saught after pellet for winning Field Target Matches. Crosman Premier 10.5 grain Die #2 dated APR 14,1998 as seen in the photo. View Picture(s) Here. Asking $100 plus shipping. Contact Ray via EMAIL. (ad# 7686 submitted on 03/27/07 at 16:17:12)

There was someone that goofed on the seriousness of this ad. They were selling the foam that came in a die #2 for $4 each.

I don't know what Ray is thinking, but why would someone spend 5X the amount than buying current production pellets? Why did Crosman discontinue die #2 in the first place? I'll tell you why: Premiers are junk and everyone knows it (except the A-Team).

Let me translate the for sale ad:

What I'm trying to say is I'm attempting to gouge you to the best of my ability. I know pellets will in no way increase your chances of winning the National FT competition, let alone a friendly backyard competition. I don't even know why I take this so seriously. Maybe I'm lonely and have one foot in the grave. The money will go to a badly needed hip replacement when I fell off my rocker while thinking of this crazy idea. It's no secret that people know I'm in la-la land. Just look at us at FT competitions (stupid white monkey suite coveralls). Please help me!