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Monday, January 08, 2007

Yellow Forum Owner is about to be given walking papers! That's right folks, read it and weep from

High-Performance Airgun forum Administrator:

The website manager will be maintaining and providing content for our website with the goal of creating a website that is a community resource.

Duties will include managing and editing content and images, data entry of content, building website relationships, seeking website partnerships, managing basic website layouts, message board management, managing chat room applications, and act as a liaison to the corporate marketing department.

The Web Manager must be able to make a seamless communication process, and maintain an authentic airgun experience for the website.

For consideration, please e-mail:


This was the last straw for upper management

However, the replys from the community at large are mixed. Check out these quotes from self-proclaimed gurus:

"I'm sick and tired of his strong-arm tactics. Either he goes or I go"! - Wanda Kitching

"I'd make love to Steve in CT if I had the oppritunity". - Carl AKA Thumper2

"Will I have another shot at buying the forum when Steve is booted"? - Tim McMurray

"He really doesn't have the maturity to run an airgun forum. Maybe he should consider running a Xbox forum first". - Ric Douglas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For consideration, please e-mail:??

I have to hand it to you man, using Steve's address there was just pure evil. You are truly the Devil!! :)

Steve will be getting unwanted mail for months!!

Hey, I have an idea! Get all the email addys off the his forums and sell them to Russian porn sites!! That would be a riot!! :)

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny sh*t there. Yeah Steve is a jack*ff.

10:55 PM  

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