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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The infamous Timmy Mac sends distress signals out to the ever faithful airgun community:

Help me!

Help me please!

Seems like Timmy Mac is getting a dose of his own medicine. Tim is famous for "tough love" posts on airgun forums. He will get absolutely no sympathy from me due to his dreaded short man's syndrome.
Now is seems he got his way:

What a crybaby

I suppose he expects free marketing. Here's an idea buddy: Advertise your website via the yellow forum or google adwords.
Funny thing is he won't spend a dime on getting the word out. He would much rather convert already existing guns, then call them his own.
If I were Doc Beeman I'd tell him he is in, then cut him from the final submission into the book. That would put him on the backburner for another year.
I can't believe people let a-holes like this guy get away to talking to others like that. I can understand if he has money, but this guy is so broke he barely remembers his own name.