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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paul Bishop - What a character. I'm not making this up folks. In his signature, he shows off his credentials (If that is what you call them):

01,02,03,04,05-NY. 02,04,06-CT. 03,04,06-MA. 03-VA FT Piston Divison Champion
02,03,04 National FT Piston Divison Second place winner
03 Mid-Atlantic 03,06 NE and 05 BG100 Regional Piston Divison Champ.

First question: Who posts that they placed second? This goes for any sport.

Question two: Who is he competing against? Are the competitors "World Class" or just beginners who could afford the $10 to shoot? In fact, you can compete in the nationals if you've never shot an airgun before.

This type of behavior really makes you look retarded. Yes, the photo is of Paul (placing second no less).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Paul is shooting on that special team.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Paul said...

First answer: I do and I am damn proud of my accomplishments.

Second answer: the other shooters in the FT competiton.

Takes one to know one Sonny. Just for your info, the picture was me in the shootoff for 5th place and I am damm proud of that achivement too. Get your facts straight, Moron.

5th place PCP division - 06 nationals.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, be thankful he does not include pictures of his stocks in his sig. Sorry, but they are among the gawdiest I have ever laid eyes on. There should be a law against making stocks if you don't have even a meagre eye for aesthetics.

As for the placings, we always referred to coming in second as the 1st place loser. In other words, you did OK but you LOST ! Nothing to be ashamed of, and even something to be mildly proud of, but surely nothing you brag about in a sig.

8:31 PM  

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