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Friday, October 27, 2006

You have to love how posters claim that their wares are better than new. What nerve people have:

For Sale: LD in rare style. Only four made like this with the trial venom shop shroud. Ask Tim. Very nice LD, 2 CO2 tanks, paintball CO2 tranfer adaptor, RB grips, Millet 30 mm red dot in millet rimfire rings, carry case, Better than new and very accurate. 75% of what it all cost new. 545.00. Asking $545.00. Contact Jack Flynn (ad# 9732 submitted on 10/11/06 at 10:49:55)

I remember e-mailing this same guy years ago, and asking how the gun could be better than new. His response were along the lines of (He was being defensive too), "Well, when you fondle, tweak, and give the gun tender loving care after firing...". Stop right there. If you shoot the gun it is used. I don't care how many mods you've done, kept it on a special rug, preserved the wood and blueing with secret special lubes, etc. It is simply less than 100%. Get a Gun book if values and wake up to reality. Better yet, see a psychologist.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

For old times sake I shot a Beeman Laser MKI this weekend. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest R-1's to come from the factory. I wonder how many were produced, as I have only seen one for sale on the Internet in the last seven years. It has an apex muzzlebrake, BKL 260 mount, and Beeman 68R 4-12x scope. Distance is 25 yards using Beeman .20 FTS pellets. Five shot groups. Power used was 10x, as this scope has whitewash above that power. Optics are comparable to a Bushnell trophy. If you like R-1's you have to try one of these. The stocks are gorgeous.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Paul Bishop - What a character. I'm not making this up folks. In his signature, he shows off his credentials (If that is what you call them):

01,02,03,04,05-NY. 02,04,06-CT. 03,04,06-MA. 03-VA FT Piston Divison Champion
02,03,04 National FT Piston Divison Second place winner
03 Mid-Atlantic 03,06 NE and 05 BG100 Regional Piston Divison Champ.

First question: Who posts that they placed second? This goes for any sport.

Question two: Who is he competing against? Are the competitors "World Class" or just beginners who could afford the $10 to shoot? In fact, you can compete in the nationals if you've never shot an airgun before.

This type of behavior really makes you look retarded. Yes, the photo is of Paul (placing second no less).