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Friday, September 29, 2006

Was this trigger mod made for Tim & LD's Field Distillation gun? No silly, it was made for the super duper chinese guns. It's very hard to improve on their design, but Steve in NC d
id it!
The deal between 'ol Man DaTuna and Steve in NC seems a bit confusing. For your pleasure, here is a summary:

Steve is an endless tinkerer with crummy guns & systems. In other words, he basically tries to figure out how to make cheap junk work better for cheap. He collaborates with DaTuna who agrees to make & sell the triggers. However, Steve does not want any liability in the endeavorr other than the project paying off. Tuna gets the triggers made. Naturally he gets tired of Steve's take, and says he'’ll do them himself - and does so. 'Tuna Basically steals Steves design - but hey these are cheap airgun tricks: no patents,no rights, so who cares. DaTuna makes an “improved version and cuts Steve out of the equation.

Then Steve spends the next three months whining & complaining endlessly about how he was robbed. Until now! That new beer-can trigger mod is his answer to Tuna. Steve claims the beer-can trigger is better than the stolen GTX item. And thus feels he has destroyed all market for Tuna's $30 complete trigger. It'’s all posted on the airgun boards - diagrams and all. You can grab whatever you like.

So Steve feels like he'’s getting even. I'm sure 'Tuna is very hurt. The drama is so tiresome. It'’s like opening a can of spoiled dog food every time Steve in NC posts anything. I can't wait for the next innovation that rocks the airgun world to its core.


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