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Thursday, September 14, 2006

I finally it figured out why the infamous Bestunes turns out tunes for some people faster that others. Here are my findings:

The thread that gave me a moment of clarity:

Those pesky Mexicans

Recently, I received a questionnaire from bestunes before I sent my rifle to Russ. This is how it reads:

1. What do you want me to do with your rifle?

A. Increase the power.

B. Increase the smoothness.

c. It doesn't matter. You are a god and I trust you. Perform the default tune: Lube it, then
charge me $250.

2. Turnaround involves many factors. They are:

A. if I like you or not.

B. How much your worship me on the airgun message boards.

C. Complimenting me on my hairpiece when we talk on the phone.

D. If you are a border brother.

Appendix A: How long you have to wait:

1. 25% Mexican: 6 months
2. 50% Mexican: 1 year
3. 75% Mexican: 1.5 years
4. Full blooded: Your money isn't good here!

Want proof?

Bottom line:

You don't want to be a Mexican if you deal with Bestunes


Blogger Brent said...

Hey! Where did you get that picture of me?

8:36 PM  

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