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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh no! At the world 2006 FT championships the Americans got their asses kicked:

Now let's bring out the excuses:

1. They shoot 12ft lbs. vs. 20ft. lbs. in the states.
2. There is a time limit.
3. No harnesses allowed.
4. It wasn't a good hair day.
5. I forgot to take my meds.
6. My lucky charm wasn't with me.
7. My kotex was irritating me during the shoot.

Since this competition is trying to mimic shooting small game, it only makes sense that oneself wouldn't have all the time in the world to shoot a critter or strap on a harness to take a shot. In the UK there is a 12ft. lb. energy limit so you have to expect that before you enter.

Reality is you have to adapt to the rules. Practice under those conditions. The USFT will not substitute for skill. When will you people ever learn? Never mind, I'm talking to people who have enormous egos and no brain. I know you're the most successful people on the planet, so I'll stop here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're so unfair. Just because I am morbidly obese doesn't give you the right to slander me in public. You're right about me being the smartest person on the planet (even the Internet). What do you know? I'm tired of those pinko Europeans and their unfair rules. Who needs them? They don't even speak good American. Hell, if American was good enough for Jesus Christ...

LD is the King (after Elvis, of course).

3:26 PM  

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