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Thursday, June 08, 2006

There is one character on the airgun boards that makes me wonder about his personality. Currently, his name is herbair. He has also gone under the names:

1. Airghost
2. Airghoul

When he was airghost, he threw all kinds of fits. A year or so later, he came back as airghoul. This time, he was more relaxed and calm. Word around the campfire was Herb had a personality disorder, so he needed professional help. I'll deduce the conclusion for each handle:

1. Airghost = no meds
2. Airghoul = The medicated Herb

Now I see him as Herbair. Of all the years I've seen this guy post, they've been centered around two concepts:

1. If you only had one airgun, what would it be and why?
2. I only have one high-end airgun, and I'm going to talk about it to death.

If I asked the same questions year after year I would of put a bullet though my head a long time ago. Please spare the community, and stop asking the same questions again and again!


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