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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Every year or so there is an epic story in the airgunning world that reaches cataclismic proportions. Other examples of yearly cyclic occurances in this community are:

1. Russ Best looking for a job.
2. One individual being banned from all airgun message boards due to misbehavior.

Although in reality there is no significance for such occurances, you would swear the sky is falling on you if you dare visit the airgun message boards during these heated debates. Who can argue with such tremors in the community? There is nothing in life more important.
What we are talking about today is Charliedatuna's recent endeavor into the message board scene. Although I find tuning a Chinese, Crosman, and Daisy gun an absolute waste of time, there is great demand for this service. His tuning venture was even home to other cheap parts that he and Steve in NC developed.
Apparently, the world came crashing down with Bob's retirement of his tuning business days after the "Gateway to Airguns" message board hit the online scene on 6.15.06. After a total shit storm of lies and betrayals by both yellow forum and the 'Tuna camps, Bob announced his retirement on 6.18.06.
Ever since this faithful day no one has the tackled the foundation of the debacle. Was Bob really using inferior springs? Why have both sides only pissed and moaned, with no concrete evidence posted on the subject? Until then, it's a complete waste of time. However, I get a kick out of the reading the charged emotions from the people that have no idea of what is going on. Here are some links for your reading pleasure:

Thursday, June 08, 2006

There is one character on the airgun boards that makes me wonder about his personality. Currently, his name is herbair. He has also gone under the names:

1. Airghost
2. Airghoul

When he was airghost, he threw all kinds of fits. A year or so later, he came back as airghoul. This time, he was more relaxed and calm. Word around the campfire was Herb had a personality disorder, so he needed professional help. I'll deduce the conclusion for each handle:

1. Airghost = no meds
2. Airghoul = The medicated Herb

Now I see him as Herbair. Of all the years I've seen this guy post, they've been centered around two concepts:

1. If you only had one airgun, what would it be and why?
2. I only have one high-end airgun, and I'm going to talk about it to death.

If I asked the same questions year after year I would of put a bullet though my head a long time ago. Please spare the community, and stop asking the same questions again and again!