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Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's Q&A time! Well boys and girls, you have many uneducated questions. I'll take a half-hour out of my day (Normally a billable rate of $100) to answer them one at a time.

Question 1:

I'm buying a starter airgun for my son/daughter. I want you to compare and contrast all models within a hundred dollar price range. I'd like you to compare the fit and finish, trigger, accuracy, c-t-c, and maintenance required for each rifle. After you've done this homework, I want to know which airgun is the best pick while you provide the evidence supporting your claim.

WTF? These people have a lot of nerve asking others to do their homework. The scary thing is the old farts on the boards trip over each other to answer this one question broken into 20 sub-questions. Oftentimes the retards who ask the question don't listen to or appreciate the responses anyway. You deserve an early death if you answer these threads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of times, the newbie will slip in the names of a couple of guns, with his questions.

After everyone and their sister have provided their supporting evidence & etc, the freakin looser does not even read half of the posts and picks the gun that he really liked, before he posted his questions.. "This one has the best wood"!
(The one on top of his little list in his 1st post)..

1:18 PM  

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