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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shooting cats have always been a controversial topic on airgun forums. Whether you like or hate cats, someone will be shooting them. For some odd reason, the people involved in the airgun post somehow have no other idea of how to get rid of the problem. Instead of thinking in their life for the first time, they stay completely focused on no solutions. It never occurred to them that the proper way to rid your property of this dreaded affliction is to rent a cat trap, bait it with cat food, and take to offending cat to the pound (you only take the cat that is causing you grief away). If nobody claims the cat in a week, it will use up its nine lives at the drop-off location. Don't be an idiot and shoot cats, feral or not! Believe me, the city will make quick work of the mess before you know it. Have patience my brother.

Here is some cat comic relief brought to you by the Crosman forum:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess they think cats can't shoot back. But I know for a proven fact. Even though they themselves can't shoot back, they have some VERY well armed and combat proven FRIENDS that can/do.
I know some folks that like cats because they have terrible pain that keeps them up All night and cats are nocturnal and make good Quiet company. Sometimes even helps the pain a bit. Not like dogs that bark all night and all day.I remember when the government paid some of us young men to shoot other people we did not even know. Didn't know if we liked em or not, just to shoot em on sight. Gosh what do you think some of these guys today would do to someone that was shooting their animal best friends in their own backyard? I tell you some of these guys just don't sleep at night.

6:13 PM  

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