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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Have you ever wondered what the PANSAL airgunner list is? Here you go:

My first question is, why do you need a list to simply find each other? Call me crazy, but the obvious solution is the Internet and e-mail. This is the very medium you are using to communicate this list!
In fact, why do you need a list of airgunners only in the Pacific and Northwest when the Internet and e-mail are borderless? Did I miss something? What is the point?
This PANSAL joke has been the lamest idea in recent times. However, when I remember who created this society I'm not shocked at all.
I recall the founder once posted pics of himself and his family. He was the poster child of a backwoods okie. Looked like he was living off the land; prison tats everywhere. Wish I had the pic so you could witness the intelligence first-hand.
Rumor has it that Leonard in Idaho is the only one on the list. Keep the dream alive buddy!


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