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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who made up the word hold sensitivity? A self proclaimed airgun goo-roo attempts to make sense of it all in his 7th grade essay found here:

The most important question is, "What is hold sensitivity"? However, Russ never addresses the issue. The only hint of an explanation is, "not what we'd call hold sensitive". What is he talking about?

I like how the airgun gods have coined their own term to the way of holding the gun. The truth is that hold has been around as long as the guns. You didn't create anything people.

Generalities abound such as, "minimal contact", "don't GRIP the forestock", and "pull-in pressure".

My favorite is him trying to sell the idea of a tune will reduce this terrible hold sensivitity problem without telling people what it actually is.

The fact is all hand held weapons have many problems, with a majority being the shooter. Another myth busted! You may now kneel to me.


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