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Monday, March 20, 2006

Want to become an airgun god? Follow these simple yet effective rules to bring you to the airgunning elite circle within months, not years.

1. Talk about tuning. Just bring up that you dabble in machining. Lie and talk about custom spring guides. That's a hot button on the forums. People take your word for it, and will put you on a pedestal in no time.

2. Use capital letters when you want to emphasize or stress importance. Example: You should of seen my FAT wife shoot the Talon. Her SWEATY pits covered HALF the rifle.

3. Name drop other airgun gods, and that you hang with them. There are plenty of self-proclaimed airgun gods running around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

true airgun gods can post " nt." and get 30 responses ....

2:12 PM  

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